The sleep apnea application - Lausanne NoSAS Score
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The application assesses the risk of sleep apnea. It is based on the Lausanne NoSAS Score test developed by the CHUV.


5 questions allow to evaluate the risk of sleep apnea of a patient before undertaking complementary expensive examinations.


It is easy to use for professionals and it makes it possible to take the Lausanne NoSAS Score test to an outpatient clinic!

Download the application

Download the Lausanne NoSAS Score application on your phone for free

Take the test

Test your patient’s risk of sleep apnea during a consultation

The Lausanne NoSAS Score settings

The Lausanne NoSAS Score test allows the detection of sleep apnea based on five criteria: neck circumference body mass index (ratio between height and weight), sex, age and snoring. Each criterion corresponds to a number of points to identify patients who may suffer from sleep apnea. This tool allows effective prevention by all non-sleep specialists, whether they are doctors or not, so that they can assess the need for a specialized examination. Delivered as a digital application, this test is among the first to provide a reliable and economical healthcare tool to make the diagnosis of sleep apnea easier.

Lausanne NoSaS Score - Paramètres du test


People over 55 years old are more vulnerable to sleep apnea


Men are twice to three times more likely to suffer from sleep apnea


Snoring is one of the main symptoms of sleep apnea


Being overweight is a major factor for sleep apnea

Neck circumference

The wider your neck is, the greater the risk of sleep apnea

Based on a 2016 study by the Lancet Respiratory Medicine

CHUV Lausanne
The Lancet Respiratory Medicine