Sleep Apnea Test - Lausanne NoSAS Score
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Online test

Why take an online sleep apnea test ?

Sleep apnea is a disease that should not be taken lightly. Over the recent years, sleep apnea syndrome has been identified as an increasingly common problem in our societies. In addition to the tiredness caused by sleep disturbed by micro-alarm clocks, sleep apnea increases the risk of developing high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Sleep apnea is a disease that should not be taken lightly.

The interest of the Lausanne NoSAS Score test is to assess the level of risk of sleep apnea in a person but also to raise awareness as much as possible about this sleep disorder. Sleep apnea corresponds to breathing stops during sleep of at least 10 seconds but may last up to more than one minute during the night. They are due to the relaxation of the muscles of the throat which, by lack of tonicity, prevent the air from passing by obstructing the respiratory tracts.

The Lausanne NoSAS Score test

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Download the application

Download the Lausanne NoSAS Score application on your phone for free

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Learn more about the study undergone by the CHUV

The CHUV of Lausanne carried out an analysis on more than 3,000 people living in Switzerland and Brazil since 2013 in order to identify criteria for assessing the risk of sleep apnea. From this study emerged the 5 key criteria for detecting sleep apnea. Learn more about the Hypnolaus study and the Lausanne NoSAS Score.